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About Us

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Who We Are

We are an entity with a calibre of professionals with vast experience in the fields of statistics, project management, marketing and brand management. Our experience ranges from the public and private sectors in the global space. With the level of exposure in multi-nationals, government and private sector, we assure you of superb services and our core objectives are as follows:

  • Create visible platforms for societal engagement on evidence, inclusive of public and private sector
  • Make Statistical evidence visible and digestible in public policy
  • Advise, Advocate and inform general public and NGO’s on the use and application of evidence
  • Make statistical evidence visible for corporates to forecast and make valuable investment decision
  • To provide innovative platforms for mutual accountability
  • Create transformative platforms for competence in the use of evidence
  • Advise, advocate and provide training for policy makers in order as to enable them design and develop policies based on evidence
  • Advise, Advocate, and train cliental on the use and application of evidence as an enabler for public and private entities to achieve global competitiveness, service delivery, economies of scale, return on investment, economics of social cost benefit and synergy effect.

Evidence-based Decision Making

01.Policies, Programs, Projects

Well informed decisions about policies, programs, and projects by putting the best available evidence from research at the heart of policy development and implementation.

02.In-depth Expert Analysis

Providing an in-depth expert analysis of an emergent policy problem based on empirical data collected in the target context, providing solutions to address problems.

03.Empirically Supported Decisions

Making decisions and creating institutionalised practices that are informed by analysing the best available data, emphasising a rational, objective, and empirical approach to addressing issues.

04.Measure What You Manage

Identifying what works, highlighting where the gaps are and enabling policy makers to use evidence in policy decisions, and monitor implementation and measure key outcomes.